Five Facts About Health Anxiety

Overcoming health anxiety, as well as all types of anxiety, is accomplished much more easily by people who learn as much as they can about their condition. And remember, you are not alone in this. Our fast-paced world has made this a rapidly growing concern for many. and the earlier you start learning the best way for you to handle, the less likely you are to develop a severe problem. The following facts will get you started.

1. Between 4% and 20% of all Americans suffer from health anxiety.

2. Cyberchondria is the coined phrase for people who search the internet to investigate their own symptoms. This seldom works because the person frequently searches until he or she finds the answer he fears.

3. This, like all anxiety disorders, often occurs in people who already have an anxiety disorder. People with agoraphobia or social anxiety, for instance, are more likely to develop other forms of anxiety disorders, including health anxiety.

4. More women suffer with anxiety than men. This fact is most likely untrue simply because men are less likely to discuss the condition with their doctor.

5. Doctors often attempt to treat health anxiety with medications. Unfortunately for many, the side effects are too severe for the medications to be accepted by the body, cognitive behavioral therapy is a much preferred alternative to medications.

The best way for you to find additional information on health anxiety or any other anxiety issue is to visit your local library. Read the medical journals and published articles you can find.

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